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You can read more about the process of training your own RAD Dog on the

'About RAD Teams' Page.

Here at RAD Inc. we aim to keep our memberships affordable and easily attainable for the community.


Our pricing structure is as follows: 


Initial joining fee : $120

(First year of membership and application fee included)

Annual renewal fee: $75

(Your next year of membership)



You can find our Terms of Membership, as well as our Training and Behaviour Standards attached to the application forms below. 





The Process: 

1- Read through your forms thoroughly, and make sure you understand our terms and standards. 

2 -Complete your application.  Part 1 of the application yourself, Part 2 will be completed by your medical team, Part 3 will be completed by your veterinarian, and Part 4 is a legally binding statutory declaration, which will need to be completed by an approved commonwealth witness (such as your veterinarian).

3- Send in your application with all relevant extras attached via email. We cannot start the process until we have everything on our checklist. 

We cannot accept documents through a drive link or compressed file.

If you need to send your application over a few emails, that's okay.

Please label the subject of your emails - "Application for John Smith and Fido 2 of 4" 

4- Applications are processed in the first week of the following month your application is submitted. For example if you submit your application on the 12th of the month, our team will review it in the following months intake, from the 1st to the 7th of the next month. Each application is then reviewed by our committee and voted on.

 You will be notified of the outcome in the second week of that month.

5- If successful, you will receive your welcome email with your welcome letters, informative documents, colour level information, and gain access to our members only Facebook group. 

6- Get Started! Once you have been officially welcomed you can get started training as a RAD Team! You can do this independently, or request additional help. 


We are here to help you in your journey of training your own Assistance Dog.

We have an incredible group of trainers and assessors all over Australia who we are able to refer our members to for further support at any stage. 

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