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Assistance Dogs VS Therapy Dogs

The terminology surrounding different types of working dogs, what their jobs are, and where they are allowed to go can be a little confusing at times. 

AD vs TD vs ESA.jpg

An Assistance Dog is specially trained to help a person manage their disability/ies. 


Assistance Dogs  can accompany their handler into public places such as shopping centres, movie theatres, onto transport, and to medical facilities.


They typically only work with one person.


 Assistance Dogs are sometimes also called Service Dogs.


Another term you have have heard is Emotional Support Animal this is a term that comes from the USA and ESA are not recognised in Australia. 

A term we do use in Australia is Companion Dogs. This is a term that is used to talk about pet dogs. 

Therapy Dog provides comfort and support to many people.


They often work in places such as hospitals, nursing homes, and have even started to appear in court rooms and airports. 


Therapy Dogs can access public places only with permission. 

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