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Assistance Dog Vest
and Capes

for our RAD teams

Introducing our very own line of Assistance Dog gear.

Hand Crafted with Love and attention to detail by our partner               Cavalier Couture.

Cavalier Couture is run by a seamstress qualified in Textiles and Design. Our gear can be completely customised to suit your team's needs.

Join the pups in purple with your very own stylish set! 




Bandannas, Leash Wraps and more...


Here at RAD, we believe our teams should have the freedom to use and wear what gear works for them. We understand that there is not "one set fits all", so we work with Cavalier Couture to make sure our team can customise their gear set ups. They have the choice to join the pups in purple, or chose an individual colour scheme for them, while still holding a standards of professionalism.

Our banded Assistance Dog gear is available to purchase for our Blue, and Purple level teams, or Yellow teams nearing their public access journey, wishing for it to be sent out with their membership pack!

Need a hand filling out the form? Or wish to bounce around some possibilities you have in mind.. No worries!

The team is there to help!

To make an inquiry or join the RAD members waitlist,

please email

Come join our

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