Revolutionary Assistance Dogs Inc. is run entirely by a group of hard-working volunteers. We rely on our members, and generous donations to keep our important work and projects and efforts running.

This involves things like education sessions for schools, the general public, and businesses, building resources for our members, and so much more!


Unfortunately, disabled handlers often face discrimination due to their disabilities or Assistance Dogs. This can mean they are denied access to services, places, and opportunities they need. Some of our most important work is supporting our members through times of discrimination. This goes hand in hand with our awareness and education projects. 

If you'd like to help make Assistance Dogs more accessible to people with disabilities, help teams face less discrimination, and support our education efforts, please leave a donation to support us! 


Young RAD Dog Neelix is in training to become a Medical Response Assistance Dog.

As hosting sites can take a commission of donations we ask that you make a donation directly to our bank account. Use 'donation' as your reference. 
If you require a tax receipt, please email proof of transfer to

Revolutionary Assistance Dogs  Inc.
BSB: 633-000
Account: 165722323

Thank you for your support!


RAD Dog Bella is a seizure alert dog. She provides vital medical aid to her handler.