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We are excited to announce some changes to our application process, designed to make it more accessible, streamlined, and supportive for both applicants and our dedicated volunteers. 

If you are wishing to join RAD 

Our previous application process closed for applications on the 29th of February 2024.

For those who are interested in joining RAD please join our wait list as this will be the best way to stay up to date with when we will be opening applications again.
Join our Wait List for Future Applicants:

   For those individuals who are looking to join our program, we are introducing a wait list. You may join this wait list now. 
When we reopen applications, we will reach out to you, and outline the next steps. This is an excellent way to express your interest and stay updated on the application process.
Limited Pre-Approval Spaces:

   - We understand the importance of expediting the application process, and to achieve this, we will open a limited number of spaces for pre-approval forms, within a limited time frame with each intake. Those who have joined the wait list will be emailed a notification of when this process will be open. Please note that there will be a cap on the number of spaces available as well as the time frame that the pre application is available for completion. 
RAD Committee Review:

As with our current process, The RAD Committee will thoroughly assess each pre application for suitability and our ability to meet individual needs. This step ensures that we can provide the best possible assistance to those who join our RAD program.
Invitations to Join:

   Individuals who are successful, will receive an invitation to join the RAD program, where they will then be provided with the necessary RAD forms to complete the process.
We believe these changes will not only make the application process smoother for all involved but also enable us to maintain a high standard of support and care for all our teams. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Together, let's continue making a positive impact through the power of assistance dogs!

You can read more about the process of training your own RAD Dog on the

'About RAD Teams' Page.

Here at RAD Inc. we aim to keep our memberships affordable and easily attainable for the community.


You can find our Terms of Membership, as well as our Training and Behaviour through our Policy's page.

Join Our RAD Application Waitlist 

Thanks for registering your interest in joining RAD!

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