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About Us

Here at RAD Inc. our mission is to not only to support people who choose to train their own Assistance Dogs in their training journey, but to increase public awareness about these amazing dogs and what they can do.


We provide support to our teams through instances of disability discrimination, as well as educate businesses, providers, and the general public about Assistance Dog Laws, rights, and etiquette. 

RAD Inc. is run by a group of dedicated volunteers, all of us Assistance Dog handlers from different backgrounds. We understand the ups, downs, and challenges of life with an Assistance Dog first hand.

We wanted to create the opportunity for owner trainers to access further information and resources, a supportive community, trainers and assessors, whilst still having control over their training journey.

What We Offer

Here at Revolutionary Assistance Dogs we support people who train their own Assistance Dogs throughout all stages of training and working their dogs. ​


We work with both experienced teams and those new to the community, helping them to feel confident, knowledgeable, and secure in their journey.

If you are looking for support in training your own Assistance Dog, RAD may be the right fit for you. You can read more about if an Assistance Dog is right for you here

Some of what we provide to our RAD teams

  • A team to follow up and offer support with Public Access Issues, instances of discrimination, etc. As well as working to reduce these issues for all teams in the future. 

  • Letters of support and explanation to help our teams who find self-advocacy a challenge or need further support.

  • Custom membership packs for each team. Including a certificate of membership, a membership ID card with team details and a copy of federal law, a patch to add to gear to identify the dog as an Assistance Dog (non-compulsory), as well as Access cards with the laws and information to share.

  • Support in finding and training the tasks that best suit them.

  • Training resources and tutorials for Assistance Dog socialisation, basic and advanced obedience, task training, public access training, and more. 

  • A network of trainers and assessors whom we work with, that our members can turn to for further training support and assessments. 

  • The option to sit a Public Access Test of a high standard (to be released TBA). 

  • Assistance in applying to fly with your Assistance Dog. 

  • Access to a private support group where handlers can share experiences, ask questions, seek advice, access RAD documents, and more.




What else we are involved in?

  • Educating businesses, service providers, school groups, and the general public about Assistance Dog Teams' rights, their own rights, and etiquette surrounding teams. 

  • Curating and publishing informative products, pamphlets, and packs.

  • Awareness campaigns and projects about Assistance Dogs and the important work they do.

  • Involvement in public and private events to spread awareness about Assistance Dogs, and speak to those who are interested in learning more. 


These are both non-inclusive lists, our resources and projects are always growing and branching into new areas. 

If you would like to make a donation to help us continue our work, we would be very grateful!  

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